Annoyances of Bid Whist Players

 who are Extremely Annoying (characterized by their Stupid Quotes)


Annoyance 1: 

I play "Bid Whist" and not "Set Whist".

  • Sometimes, you have to play to set your opponents because you simply do not have a biddable hand. You should not bid on a bad hand. You cannot magically change a bad hand into a good hand. Your arrogance makes you think you can walk on water.

Annoyance 2: 

Partner, I assumed you had a good enough hand that would support my hand.

  • No, I did not have a good hand. That's why I did not bid. You took a bid on your bad hand and expected me to rescue you. Too bad, you cannot read minds or you are inept at doing it. Don't blame me for your faults, blame yourself. You should have passed, smart aleck.

Annoyance 3: 

I'd rather go out the door backwards, with a -7, than let you beat me.

  • Good, go ahead and lose. The quicker we remove your annoying butt from the game, the quicker we can have some fun playing Bid Whist without you. You immature sore loser. Bye!!!

Annoyance 4: 

I have to be the bidder for all hands because I'm a "Control Freak" and I have to be the "Center of Attention".

  • You think everybody else is either stupid, can't play or they are scared to bid. Your grandiose scheme of us sitting back and watching you perform on the Bid Whist table is more whack than you. Nobody is paying your ego any attention. You are a lunatic.

Annoyance 5: 

I don't like to play with Amateurs.

  • You must have amnesia. Remember when you were an amateur. Somebody had to play with you and have enough patience to allow you to learn. If the person or persons who taught you were hard on you, they were knuckle heads. Break the cycle, it stops with you. You do not have to be a knuckle head. Don't perpetuate an idiotic teaching technique.

Annoyance 6: 

I don't like to lose.

  • My, aren't you sensitive. Grow up and smell the roses. Everybody loses every now and then. By the way, that annoying habit that you have of blaming someone else for your losses, statistically it must be you. Whenever they lose, they are playing with you. Just a little something you should think about while you are losing.

Annoyance 7: 

If I have a temper tantrum or a hissy fit, it's just the way I am.

  • You are right, that is you, crazy as hell. We have put up with you long enough. Your antics are so typical of you when you are not having a good Bid Whist time. Bad cards, losing bids, losing games, etc. These things happen to everyone, you are not exempt. Why you feel personally picked on is ludicrous. We expect you to grow up one day and stop whining.

Annoyance 8: 

I don't need luck, I got skills.

  • Anybody who does not embrace or welcomes luck is foolish. Luck is a welcomed advantage that gives you an edge over your opponents. Your opponents will not turn down luck; it's a way of life. Any sensible person realizes that they need luck to complement their skills. If you really don't think you need luck, then you are an unbalanced individual.

Annoyance 9: 

I have a system that will make you win every time. I'm always right, no matter what.

  • No, you do not have a reliable system or technique. As a matter of fact, we've noticed that what you don't know, you make up. Bid Whist is played using intuition and intelligence. True Bid Whist players bid and play their hands while on auto pilot. Thinking is done via a subconscious state and playing is done via a state of consciousness. Players depend on previous experiences and observations made without using scientific methods or theories. Most players find it hard to put into words the ins and outs of Bid Whist. Some concepts can be theorized and some cannot. Here is an example of playing Bid Whist without counting cards via theorizing. If you are trying to keep up with the count of how many cards have played in a particular suit, don't. Keep up with what winners in that suit have not been played. That's an easier count to keep track of and it provides much more useful information.

Annoyance 10: 

I am a Bid Whist Expert (Whistologist).

  • Who put that delusional thought in your head? It definitely was not us. Greatness will be bestowed upon you by your opponents. So, you've waited too long for your opponents to acknowledge your greatness. Maybe, there isn't anything great about you to acknowledge. You are suffering from delusions, you self-proclaimed expert. You need psychotherapy.

Annoyance 11: 

We did not lose, we beat ourselves.

  • The talk around is that you are stupid. You've proved that. I guess you have been playing against yourself without opponents. Just admit your loss and congratulate your opponents. Stop being a sore loser, dodo head.

Annoyance 12: 

I can guarantee you a win by quoting the required number of winning cards you need in your hand.

  • You are full of sheetrock. You cannot tell me how many Aces or any number of any other cards that I need to suggest a winning bid. The only guaranteed suggestion is that I cannot bid a 7 in Trump without the Big Joker. It's not unnatural to have a hand that may be suspect to a guaranteed win. In other words, forget your idiotic guesstimates that are made to feed your ego of pretending to be a Whistologist. Bid Whist is a Game of Chance and a lot depends on the Luck of the Draw and commonly known Playing Expectations. Bluffing is an added and sometimes required skill. Your self-proclaimed psychic abilities are derived from an imagined scientific understanding of Bid Whist. You extraterrestrial, no wonder they kicked you off your planet.
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